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Lounsberry Pedals “Nigel” multi stage analog NTO-20 FET preamp/overdrive

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Lounsberry Pedals “Nigel” multi stage analog NTO-20 FET preamp/overdrive

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“Nigel” multi stage analog FET preamp/overdrive
This version of the Nigel is point to point wired by hand, using 1950’s style Fish Paper circuit boards.

The Nigel, originally designed as a guitar pedal is a very responsive overdrive that can go from warm semi-clean to full on classic rock crunch. It works well for keyboards and synths too, because at it’s heart it is basically a HiFi preamp with overdrive. It retains clarity and works well with complex chord shapes such as Maj7 chords (dime it and play a Maj7 chord and be surprised).

The Nigel pedal is a multi stage overdrive that uses FETs to simulate vacuum tubes and both Schottky, and NOS Germanium diodes in the clipping stage, driving a FET output amp that gets Creamy and FAT as it saturates. The package is finished off with custom Steam Punk Graphics by artist, Mark Hershberger, with Gold Speed Knobs over a copper color powder coated enclosure.

power through 9v battery or power supply DC jack

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